Was Jesus A Myth?

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I’ve heard it asked more than once; it’s the question “Did Jesus really exist?” This question gets more press today than it ever has. Much of the controversy over this lies in the ease of information… and misinformation, thanks to the internet. These days, anybody can write a blog, an article, or a book (digitally), and see that material get networked around the whole world in seconds, literally. This reminds me of a great quote:

“One of the liabilities of technology: Everybody gets to have a say, even if what they have to say is worthless.”                                                                                          – Greg Koukl

If people did their own research – excluding the common lazy Google search – and looked into these sort of things themselves, these kind of misunderstandings might be avoided. But, since easy information is always a click away… whether it’s accurate or not… that’s what most people settle for.

If one wants to discover whether Jesus really existed a good approach would be to analyze other historical writings around that same time period. Thankfully, there are scholars who are willing to do this for us. If you look hard enough you will find scholarly work which has been peer reviewed: this is one excellent way to begin researching since peer reviewed articles are where that person was held accountable by others of the same profession.

Another way to carefully research is find an article well researched, with extensive footnotes, so that you can followup on the evidence and facts presented. It also helps to find a place where your questions will be responded to. Feel free to ask questions about this to us using our Contact Page!

Here is a link to an article at biblicalarchaeology.org, also known as Bible History Daily. Here Lawrence Mykytiuk lays out historical text of other writings at the time of Jesus in order to investigate to see if this type of evidence does in fact exist:


Another good resource on this topic is a book called Cold Case Christianity.


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