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Billboards and Morality

In #All, Apologetics, Atheism, Christianity, Materialism, Morality & Ethics, Naturalism, Podcast by Brian Johnson

Billboards promoting atheism have been showing up all over Sioux Falls for the past few years. In the most recent run of billboards one of them was apparently vandalized. The gentleman that rented this billboard claims that what that person did was ‘wrong’ but from an atheistic worldview how can he justify that it was wrong? In this podcast we …

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“The Friendly Atheist” USD Event

In Apologetics, Christianity, Podcast by sdapologetics

The Friendly Atheist is a very popular YouTube atheist who will be appearing in the Old Main building on Tuesday April 17th on the USD campus in Vermillion. In this podcast I break down a few of his ideas and arguments concerning Christianity in an attempt to familiarize you with who he is and how he thinks. I recommend you …