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This last weekend we had Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries fly into Rapid City and debate Joe Ventilacion of Iglesia ni Cristo on the topic of the Trinity. The weekend was jam-packed from friday afternoon until Sunday.  The debate itself proceeded without any problems. Over 700 came to attend the debate; by the time the event started it was standing room only! The YouTube video livestream worked great and as of this moment has been viewed more than 130,000 times.

The apologetics seminar the next day at Parkview E-Free Church also went very well with over 140 in attendance. Dr. White taught for four full sessions that will be uploaded to our social media channels in the weeks to come. Sunday, we finished off with Dr. White preaching during the morning service at Hills of Grace Fellowship in the Rushmore Mall (which is already available to watch on YouTube). We made sure to take Dr. White to the National Rushmore Memorial before he left to travel back to Arizona.

The gospel was preached to hundreds of lost souls and the body of Christ was equipped to more confidently be a witness to this dying world. All of us here at SD Apologetics are pleased to say this weekend was a complete success!

Of course, it wasn’t without it’s more interesting aspects. When dealing with a cult like Iglesia ni Cristo there are saddening responses that are to be expected. Many erroneous posts and news stories by InC and their members were circulated (and continue to be circulated) as soon as the debate ended. Dr. White had to respond to one post in particular which included a photo of him the next day speaking to Joe Ventilacion and saying that he wished to convert to their beliefs. These kinds of responses are typical hallmarks of cult behavior and I’m sure we will be seeing more things like that take place as the fumes from this event disperse.

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