How To Support SD Apologetics

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First off, if you have not yet read our About page, I invite you to go read it! It will give you a general idea of what we are about and why we exist.

Next, for those of you who keep up with our content and are striving to be ambassadors for Christ, I want to fill you in on what we are doing and how you can support us.

The South Dakota Apologetics directors – Brian, Aaron, Matt, Peter and Justin – are constantly involved in making content to help you get equipped and staying active in sharing the gospel with the local community. None of us do this full time and we don’t intent to. All of us work hard at our jobs and use a portion of our free time to try to bring glory to God through this ministry. Before I share how you can support us, here are some of the things we do out in the public (also on the Events page):

  • Ambassador Apologetics Class held at the Rapid City Public Library on Saturday mornings at 9AM-10:30AM
  • Hot Summer Nights in Rapid City on Thursdays from 6PM-9PM (meeting at Alex Johnson Starbucks 5:30PM-6:30PM) to engage the locals and carry out the Great Commission
  • Hills Alive 2016 music festival July 15-17 in Rapid City Memorial Park where we will have a tent – informing Christians and sharing the gospel with non-Christians

Come out to any of these events to see what we are all about and talk to us face-to-face!

Finally, to support us you can do a number of things. First, pray for us. Second, you can help us out by either asking us to come speak at your Church (more on that coming soon) or donating to us by using the new friendly yellow “donate” button at the bottom of every page of this website. Right now we have a goal of raising money for our Hills Alive tent & supplies – supplies include getting tracts of all types to give away, creating a multi-use SDA banner and purchasing a 10’x20’ tent for future use at events like Hills Alive. All proceeds we receive before July 1st will go to that endeavor.  The donate button looks like this:

If you choose to help us out by supporting us in one of these ways we want to say “Thank you!” We hope that the podcasts and other content we provide has been helpful to you.

If you have any feedback for us you can get a hold of us using the Contact Us page.